Thank you for visiting Stray Ink. I would like to welcome you to my world of expression. On this site you will find destinct, one of a kind artistry. You will find my works of art on clothing, silk screened on t-shirts, sold as prints and original pieces. Feel free to browse, order, and/ or share with friends, family, and friends of family. You can find me on social media, Stray Ink LLC, Maryland State Arts Council's site, on, and the Baker Awards website. Have a great day! Remember to Stray Away from the Ordinary

Tracy Stevens


I love nature and all its beauty. That's why I take photos and combine them graphically. I try to express what I see through painting. Art lets you do all of the above and allow people to see the world through my eyes. I believe you can take others on a voyage just by taking a photo and making it yours either by painting or graphically altering it. Art is giving yourself; opening up to others, creating something beautiful that will last throughout the years, leaving a legacy. Not being afraid to let people see you, I mean really see you.


My art is expression. An expression of how I feel, who I am, and who’s a part of me. My art work is my world and I invite everyone to step into it.

ArtWear Available at

Cookie Wear Boutique for Men and Women

4342 Farragut Street

Hyattsville MD 20781


T-Shirts start at $20

Travel Totes are $10

E-Mail me at for custom creations which start at $25.

Ronald McDonald House Commission Works

In The Wind

Abstract Collection


Emotions Collection


Mystical Butterfiles Collection

Black Girls Shop

Black Girls Shop Collection


Dance Collection

Flower 1 & 2

Flower Collection

God Has Vision

God's Lessons Collection